Saturday, March 4, 2017


"A  Garden of Prayers" is  also  very  beneficial for  adults  alike to learn and practice in their life. The book is  in  9  color coded levels  in  accordance to  the Madrasah syllabus ageing from 5-13. Each level  can easily be taught in  a year.Many  books have  been produced in  the  past by  respected Scholars on Du'aas which have  indeed benefited children,  however after working with  children for  a  number of years I felt  the need for  a  more comprehensive collection of Du'aas covering many common and reoccurring situations.The chosen size  for  the book is  so that all  the material is  very clear for  the children to read.All  efforts have been made to make  it  child friendly  with  beautiful illustrations.Virtues  have been added to  the  relevant sections and Muawwadhaat(Seeking protection in  Allah)which are essential  in  a  Muslim's  life. All Du'aas are fully  referenced to the best of my  ability and meticulously cross checked by prominent Scholars.
A Garden of Prayers

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